Architect Essentials: Community driven design on a mission to create the best sketchbooks for architects.

At Architect Essentials, we know the importance of having a high-quality sketchbook. Founded by Chris Yap (M.Arch, B.Env.D) in 2020, Architect Essentials began as a search for a sketchbook that could handle the functional requirements of architects and designers, while also serving as a reminder that traditional sketching and problem-solving has not lost its relevancy.

During the development phase, sketchbooks and surveys were circulated amongst the design community to identify the primary aspects of sketchbooks that were the most important to them. These features were paper quality, a high-quality build, and an elegant sketchbook that lays flat. The Essential Sketchbook is a culmination of all these ideas and much more. After a successful campaign on Kickstarter, we are excited to share these sketchbooks with you.

Like any design project, we are always open to feedback and new ideas. Feel free to reach out to us below!

Have some sketchbook ideas? Let us know below!